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After writing & recording "The Source" with Long Earth and selling loads of CDs worldwide, I decided from the recording stage of Dark Water & Crystal Skies to release ALL of my material on streaming channels. Music deserves to be heard....

There's also a link to my Bandcamp if anyone feels generous enough to cough up a fiver for my work... 

My personal preference is Spotify but I can be found on them all if you just name search Neil Mackie (Amazon, Apple, Napster, Deezer, Virgin.... The list goes on)!

On the sub-pages here you'll find media players for each album which will play samples. Please do me a favour and check out the full material on the streaming sites and, besides, enough plays and I might earn enough to buy a Freddo bar!

Here's a button to my Spotify channel (don't be confused by the opera singer of the same name).

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