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Various Instruments & Diverse Noise Making Paraphernalia


The following is a close to comprehensive list of equipment I use to make my various soirees into music.


Ibanez Nita Strauss Jiva 10
Ibanez RG170 Guitar with Roland GK-3 Synth Pickup
Fender Stratocaster
Squire Classic Vibe 52 Telecaster
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Guitar
Peavey Raptor 1 Guitar with Roland GK-3 Synth Pickup (customised to within an inch of it's life with Seymour Duncan Pickups & custom hardware)
Steinberger Spirit GT Pro Deluxe
Seagull Entourage Rustic Acoustic
Freshman 12 string Acoustic

Walden Nylon String Classical Acoustic
Ibanez Roadstar 2 Bass   
Overwater Aspiration Elite 5 String Bass

Mania Custom Fretless Bass
Fender Ashbory fretless bass
Savanah 8 string electro Mandolin

Ozark bouzouki

19 string Irish Harp

Amps & Stuff

Gallien Kruger MB500 bass amp
Hartke 4 X 10" bass cab
Carlsboro Alpha AT15 PA speakers
Behringer Europower 2000 P.A. Amp
Blackstar ID65 TVP Guitar Combo
Roland MicroCube Amp
Peavey Eurosys 12 Powered Monitor


Effects & Things

Headrush Pedalboard
Roland GR-20 Guitar Synthesiser
Korg Pandora 2 Effects Unit
Korg AX3000G Effects Unit
Casio CTK100 Keyboard
Zoom GFX707 Guitar Effects
Zoom BFX606 Bass Effects
E-Bow (Version 2 with Harmonics)
Danelectro Free Speech Talk Box
Boss VE-20 Vocal Processor

Live & Recording Hardware

Zoom LR-20 Mixing Desk
Behringer Mixing Desk
Behringer Virtualiser 2 Effects Unit

Altec Monitor Equaliser
Gator Rack Casing

Line 6 Relay G30 Radio System
AKG "The Bug" UHF Radio Unit
Shure Wireless In Ear Monitors
Boss BR800 Digital Recorder
Sony MZ-R30 Mini Disc
3 of Shure SM58 Microphones
Yamaha MT4X Multitrack Recorder
Yamaha Pocketrak C24 digital recorder
Sonic digital recording suite
Tapco Mackie USB Link
Behringer Headphone Miniamp
Sennheiser headphones
Various Leads - Mainly Custom Made or Planet Waves
Straps and Straplocks - Levy's and Schaller
Various Stands and Cases Personalised Picks

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