The following is a list of links I find useful and interesting - hopefully you will too.



Kenny's Music - Scotland's best music store

The Shine - My band

Glen Brielle - My latest passion. Hugh Carter's masterpiece

Fulkra - My other band

Abel Ganz - Glasgow's finest prog band

Comedy Of Errors - Glasgow's other finest prog band

Touchstone - Awesome band & good mates

The Reasoning - Awesome band & good mates



Coach House Hotel - Lovely place and very good friends
Saucy Mary's Lodge - great venue & atmosphere in Kyleakin, Skye

Kingsgate Shopping Centre - Fife's Finest

Audio Lounge - Great recording studio




Blackstar Amps - Amazing amps

Roland - Great effects & synths

Korg - More great effects

Neil's Instagram - More of my pics