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It Can't Rain All The Time.... (2006)

My first solo album but genuinely a true collaboration between myself and my awesome buddy and go to drummer Iain Wilson. Rewind to 2006, we compiled the cash we'd made from a festival gig and chucked it into the studio. I remember vividly driving to The Audio Lounge in Glasgow and Iain asking "So how does this material go?". My response "Don't know, it's all in my head!".

ICRATT was a great way (and a great deal of fun) to explore and record a load of original material that I genuinely didn't think would be a good fit for The Shine - I think I was right, although Ghosts and Children Of War eventually saw the light some 10 years later with Long Earth.

As always, massive thanks to Iain for being my continual partner in crime - but special mention to the bloody incredible and beautiful Jane Espie for her pipes on Follow The Piper. Jane still never fails to blow my mind and make me proud as she conquers the world as The Phantom Piper!

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