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Dark Water & Crystal Skies (2021)

The starting point with "Dark Waters & Crystal Skies" was effectively the bones of my concept for the second Long Earth album. Where the first had "the death suite", this would have "the water suite". The Dark Water section follows the theory of water running through everything - from the romance of sun soaked holidays to the mundane of washing the holiday clothes on return. Most importantly, And So It Begins... features a tape recording made by my late dad of waves lapping and seabirds on the island of Soay back in 1975. It was lovely to digitise it and include it.

A pretty cathartic and sometime dark album, DWCS let me explore a number of demons (and exorcise them) following the breakdown of my marriage in 2017. The Goodbye Note as an example showed me in a really dark place but realising that, at the end of the day, life, my kids and family were the most important things and a reason to live. This one also features my late mum singing in the Dunblane Cathedral choir from 1976 (digitised again) and the same church bells that rang on the day of my wedding in 1992. Again massive pride, my amazing daughter Christie provided the piano line running through this track.

It's dedicated to all those who helped me through some bloody dark times and came out the other end. Additional thanks to my mate Kenny Hunter who stepped in to contribute some incredible keyboard lines. Also to Deni (my Safe House) for helping make sense of the early days. Most important - MASSIVE thanks to my soulmate, buddy and recurring partner in crime Iain Wilson for his immense drumming skills but also production input and supportive chat. The two of us are like musical brothers.

There's a wee bit of roughness to the production as this was the first full scale work - and by God there were a lot of instrument tracks to produce - on my new Presonus Studio One set up.

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