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Footprints In The Sand (2024)

Out of darkness comes light.... After completing the cathartic "Dark Waters & Crystal Skies" in 2022, I had firmly decided the next album would be a lighter and more upbeat album - but where to start... 120BPM seemed a good place to start!

Well, being honest, there were a few starting points - (1) It was going to be a rock album, (2) Scott was away to college so I could record without disturbing anyone, (3) There was no "concept" so I could just compile songs as I went along and then place them strategically, (4) One or two rewrites of old lyrics but mainly completely new material, (5) I wanted this one in general to be a "feel good" album with a couple of slower tracks.

On the whole I'm really pleased with the results, I think it stacks up well and nice to get back to my roots without too much dark navel gazing. Truly a totally "solo album".

Aiming for release in Summer 2024 - so click away, play, download on Bandcamp and contribute to that ellusive Freddo bar!


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